School Safety​

“Our students’ success in school and beyond must be our top priority. To reach that goal, we must make sure we create safe environments for all students.”

School Safety

Our students’ success in school and beyond is our top priority. To reach that goal, we must make sure we create safe environments for all students.  

I am the father of a daughter in one of North Carolina’s public elementary schools. As with you and your child, I want to know that my daughter, her classmates, and their teachers will be safe.  

We are increasing school safety measures, including more School Resource Officers, as well as mental-health resources in our schools. Teachers and other school staff members work hard to ensure safe environments, but they need everyone’s help. 

Through our NC Kindness Campaign, we ask you to help us encourage more kindness in schools. 

It might sound simple, but the reality is, acts of kindness can help prevent issues that might grow into tragedies. These days, there is too much violence in schools and too many problems like cyberbullying.  

Let’s work together for the safety of our students and to help teachers by showing that unkindness of any type has no place in our schools.  

Parents, students, educators and the community all play an important part in helping keep our schools safe. Together, we can work to keep one student's challenges from becoming a school tragedy. 


Thank you for being a partner with us in this important mission. 

$2 M


Superintendent Johnson secured the following amounts to increase school safety across North Carolina.

$12 M
School Resource Officers

$12 million to get more school resource officers in public elementary and middle schools across the state.

$3 M
Safety Equipment

$3 million to schools for the purchase of safety equipment.

Students in Crisis

$2 million for community partners to provide crisis services.

$10 M
School Mental Health Personnel

$10 million to support more innovative mental health support programs in our schools.

$3 M
Training to Increase School Safety

$3 million for training that will address school safety by helping students to develop healthy responses to trauma and stress.

$5 M
Anonymous Tip Line Application

The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System started rolling out in November 2019. This tool will allow parents, students, educators, and community members to easily report suspicious activity to the right people at a 24/7 safety command center without embarrassment or fear of reprisal.

School Safety Resources

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