Computer Science

“We need to prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow through our actions today.”

Computer Science and Coding

Over the last two decades, a surge of technological advancements has radically changed the way we operate in everyday life. Handheld devices and applications use innovative approaches to simplify and expedite everyday tasks. In North Carolina, we have many large corporations who have infused technology into their business and rely on a steady pipeline of computer programmers and software engineers to complete complex tasks.


In fact, North Carolina has more than 18,000 unfilled computing jobs with an estimated $1.5 billion in annual salaries available, yet there are fewer than 6,000 students enrolled in computer science courses across the state. If we do not equip our students with the proper education and training to fill these jobs, North Carolina will not be able to attract and retain this industry. By expanding computer science education, we will provide all North Carolina students with the access, tools, and knowledge in the fastest growing career field in the nation. Such expansion will translate into more jobs and a growing economy for our state. More importantly, we will provide our children the opportunity to work hard and reach their American Dream.


We will provide opportunities for all North Carolina students to learn computer science and gain the skills needed to create and contribute in the growing digital economy. Providing this for our students will prepare them to enter a successful career in the tech industry, a sector that includes careers that require everything from a high school diploma to a master’s degree.



Computer Science Across the State

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