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"To become the best place to learn and the best place to teach by 2030, we need to take steps now." - Mark Johnson


State Superintendent Mark Johnson’s #NC2030 plan is a detailed strategy that will ensure North Carolina’s public schools are the best place to learn and teach by 2030. Tactics of the comprehensive strategy include continuing to increase teacher compensation, eliminating high-stakes standardized testing through personalized learning, recruiting our best and brightest to the teaching profession, providing more local flexibility to school districts, encouraging all viable career pathways for students, and investing in school construction, pre-K kindergarten-readiness programs, and better support for beginning teachers.

“The #NC2030 plan is ambitious but achievable. Our educators are doing their part. It will take innovation and leadership to make it happen,” Superintendent Johnson said. 


Measuring the success of the strategy overall – and of every tactic – is paramount for continued investment in a system that taxpayers support with the largest part of the state’s budget – more than $10 billion each year. 

Four broad metrics will spell success for the plan. North Carolina needs to see an increase every year in: 

  • 4-year-olds engaged in high-quality kindergarten readiness programs 

  • Fourth graders reading on grade level 

  • Students who, after graduation, are on track to their chosen, fulfilling career  

  • Recruits to education professions and educators remaining in N.C. public schools 


Below are the recommendations Superintendent Johnson sent to the General Assembly for the 2019-21 fiscal biennium. These items will get us on track to achieve our #NC2030 goals.

FY 2019-20
FY 2020-21
$18M  R
$18M  R

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